March 2nd

All position papers are to be emailed to the Committees email by April 1st.

the Disarmament and International Security Committee (disec)

head chair: Jordan van Slingerland, Nick Reszetnik

VICE-CHAIR: Matthew Wong

Background Guide

Nuclear Proliferation

Nearly all countries in the Middle East are signatories of the NPT, except Israel. Although Iran is a signatory, it is suspected of developing nuclear weapons capabilities. It is feared that if Iran tests nuclear weapons, it will pave the way for other countries around the same region to do the same. Algeria, Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are probable candidates for follow-on proliferation.

Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad term that encompasses the computer and statistical systems that perform actions that usually require a form of intelligence that previously only humans were capable of. Artificial intelligence is already changing the way that the world operates today, whether it is a website that tailors advertisements for a specific user or a self-driving car. As with many emerging technologies, however, AI has large implications for the future of warfare, potentially warranting a response from the First Committee.