March 2nd

All position papers are to be emailed to the Committees email by April 1st.

head chair: John Papanikolau

vice-chair: Randy Chang, Lawrence Wu

Migrant Crisis

For the past five years, Syria has been embroiled in a bloody civil war with no end in sight. Some estimates pin the death toll at a quarter million persons. The civil war in Syria has led to a mass exodus, with the final intended destinations for many refugees being Europe, since Syrians can no longer gain legal entrance into most other Arab countries. Source: The Economist This situation has led to roughly four million displaced Syrians living in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan without secure legal status. Most are unable to work as they lack the proper legal permits, and very few have access to an education system.


Fueled by the migrant crisis and the recent economic trouble in the European Union, there has been a dramatic increase of anti-EU parties. Although Eurosceptisim have existed for many decades, the combined effects of the 2009 recession, the debt crisis and high levels of unemployment in Southern European states have stoked the fire of deep mistrust against European integration. In addition, rising nationalism in member states makes it imperative that the EU take concrete action to reform itself for its survival and the wellbeing of the 500 million Europeans it represents.

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