March 2nd

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Cuban Missile Crisis JCC - USSR

head chair: uche ochuba

JCC STAFF: Harry Patel, Darius Jamal

Background Guide

The Berlin Blockade & Nuclear Arms Race

In 1948 the US, Great Britain, and France began reorganizing their respective occupied zones of West Germany to assume self-governance (USSR occupied East Germany). During this process, a new currency was introduced, which allowed Germany to participate and compete internationally on an economic level. However, the USSR eschewed the new German currency as they felt threatened by the resurgence of a powerful German state.

Foreign Involvement & Cuba

In 1949 China, under the leadership of Mao Zedong, became one of the first countries to fall to communism. After the defeat of the Japanese Empire in World War II, the Allies had the Korean Peninsula divided on the 38th parallel, with the North backed by the USSR and South backed by the US. In 1950, hostilities within Korea escalated when Stalin supported the North’s attempted invasion of the South; the conflict resulted in the division of the two Koreas.