March 2nd

All position papers are to be emailed to the Committees email by April 1st.

the fall of the Mongolian empire

head chair: Randy chang
VICE-CHAIR: Alex Woolsey & benedict wang
Crisis Director: Sam Wilder & Savar Suri

Genghis Khan, who has ruled the largest contiguous empire in history, is on his deathbed. The Mongolian Empire has been the most powerful force in the region for a small period of time, and now it’s on its knees. Parts of the empire are beginning to rebel against the weakened government, and history relies on this moment. At this moment, the Mongol Empire will either fall, or last into the future and continue to be the most powerful empire in the world. 

This committee, Genghis Khan’s Kurultai, must decide on the succession of the rule to the Mongolian Empire, how to deal with the rebelling parts of Asia and Eastern Europe, help to expand the empire, and any other problems that may arise. 

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