March 2nd

All background guides are to be emailed to the Committees email by April 1st.

Meet Our Team

Thomas Henn,

Secretary General

Arjun Kapur,

Secretary General

Karam Bambawale,

Deputy Secretary General

Nick Reszetnik,

USG Administration

Billy Shi,

USG Communications

Jordan Van Slingerland,

USG Operations

Sameer Jessa,

USG Assemblies

Gaurav Dogra,

USG External Relations

Bassem Sandeela,

USG Specialized Agencies

Uche Ochuba,

USG Delegate Service

Shaan Hooey,


Ryan Van Slingerland, Operations

Michael Daiello, Specialized Agencies

Daniel Boutros,

Press Corps

Rohun Nanda,

Communications and Social Media

AJ Shulman,


Matthew Wong,

Delegate Services

Adrian Hui,

Communications Strategy

Kene Ochuba,


Darius Jamal,

Crisis Simulations

 Sloan Sobie,

Site Management 

John Papanikolaou,

General Assemblies

Harry Patel,

Crisis Reserch

Raihan Woodhouse

Director of Procurement

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