March 2nd

All position papers are to be emailed to the Committees email by April 1st.

head chair: Rohun Nanda

vice-chair: Krishna Bambawale, Fatima Fadel

The Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras)

Mara Salvatrucha and the Eighteenth Street Gang gained traction in El Salvador in the period after its civil war, which lasted from 1980 to 1992, when the established Salvadoran gangs dissolved or joined demobilization efforts. The civil war “prompted an estimated one million Salvadorans to flee their country and seek shelter…particularly in the already impoverished, over-crowded, and gang-affected neighborhoods of East and South Central Los Angeles”


Since the start of the civil war in Syria, points of access to medical care, education, basic utilities, and water have either been impaired or broken. Over 5 million Syrians are refugees, while 6.2 are internally displaced. Half are children. In 2012, most Syrians escaped the conflict to Lebanon and the originally temporary Za’atari camp was opened in Jordan. In April of 2013, President Assad was accused of using chemical attacks on his people. The next year, the amount of refugees in Lebanon was estimated to make up 25% of its population, and refugees began to make it to Europe.

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